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Yunnan EcoNetwork(YEN)


Yunnan EcoNetwork (YEN) accomplishes YEN ' S mission by conducting activities of innovative environmental education, sustainable development concept promotion to assist the alleviation of poverty as well as protection of ecological & cultural resources in Yunnan.


Yunnan EcoNetwork (YEN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.


•  Encouraging corporate & grassroots volunteerism

•  Providing consultation assistance to volunteers about YEN Sapling Volunteers

•  Contributing to the promotion and application of renewable energy for rural poor people

•  Performing a strong drive for public awareness and public relations

•  Contributing to sustainable development of China's western regions

For more information please contact:


Mr. Chen Yongsong

Anshang Village Lashi Township Yulong Country,

Lijiang 674107, Yunnan, P. R. China

Tel: +86 888 5443328

Fax: +86 888 5443328