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Photo Exhibition on Livelihood? Existence ?
----Sustainable Development in Yunnan Province

?Why do we hold this exhibition?
We consider Yunnan's natural resources and its biodiversity are of a global significance. The exhibition we hold is to advocate that these resources must be protected and utilized on a sustainable basis to ensure the safety of people and the Earth.

?What do we show? There are 200 delicate photos and vivid notes on show, reflecting joint efforts made by different stakeholders in achieving sustainable development in Yunnan Province in the new millennium. ?How do we show? Besides the interesting exhibits which might catch the eyes of large audiences, some efforts are taken to make sure that these audiences will be benefited,too. ,Photo contributions: By the end of September, there were 24 units contributing more than 400 photos for the exhibition. , Quality exhibits: Kuning Kaida Culture Dissemination Co, a well-known local photo designer, was contracted to design the boards. ,Free space for show: Kunming Carrefour offers a free space on ground floor of the supermarket, where all customers pass the exhibition boards. ,Participation of major groups: Media persons, organizers, photo contributors and audiences ,Narration & services: There are another 30 university student volunteers taking part in the activity, who provide services with narration, notes taking and helping audiences with questionnaires

?When will the show open? The exhibition will be on from 1 November (Saturday) through 15 November (Saturday), 2003 on the ground floor, Carrefour, Baiyun Store, No. 1035 Jinyuan Shangsha, Kunming, Yunnan, P.R. China

?For more information please contact:
Tel / Fax: (0086-871) 5635795